Service is how BiKEFIX began. It is the heart and soul or our bike shop. The service area has always been front and center, open for all to see. Why hide our work? Our service is second to none. While most anyone can grasp the basics of bicycle repair, true expertise in this field as in any highly specialized trade, comes only through years of work and hands n experience. We have been doing this our ENTIRE adult life, in fact some of us began as children.

We offer FREE estimates to let you know just what your bike needs prior to working on it. Service is usually done on a first come, first served basis. In fact some quick and simple repairs will be done while you wait! We can get busy during the prime riding season and will take reservations.

If you have any questions or would like to make a reservation, please give us a call or send an email.

Tune-Ups & Checks

Race Check

  • Inspect bike, including wheels
  • Adjust shifting, brakes, and hubs
  • Check chains, tires, and brake pads for wear
  • Off-bike wheel truing
  • Torque stem, crank, seat post, brakes, derailleurs

Tune Up

  • Race Check, plus:
  • Clean frame, wheels, and drivetrain
  • Clean/lube brake and shifting cable-housing
  • Thorough shift and brake adjustment including shift alignment and pad setting
  • Check and adjust headset and bottom bracket
  • Lube chain and pivots

Smaller Services

Install Tire / Tube

  • Front or rear; does not include cost of new tire and/or tube.

Aero Frame

  • Upcharge for bikes with more difficult internal cable routing and brake placement.

Wheel True

  • Includes adjusting lateral true, radial true, centering, and tension average